The camp packs up.


A young user sat at the Drawing Board, pondering over his papers. He was in the process of trying to write a finale for his thrilling story. He was trying to figure out where the climax for the battle against the trolls would be held.

He’d already had Porple send a group of young Users to the darkest reaches of the Spam Vault, Troll Town, another dimension, a dark prison, a concentration camp and, for good measure, a space station where trolls were planning to blot out the Wiki with a giant laser. (Though, to be fair, Porple didn't send him there, his second did, as Porple was already murdered by a random troll invasion.)

He just had no ideas for his finale though. And this saddened him.

So he began to space out his sentences.

Just like this.

He hoped it would make it look more dramatic.

He also hoped it would make it look longer.

In the end though, he decided the final battle of the trolls would be a staged attack on the Wiki, and in the young writer’s mind, a classic was born. He’d have to show this to everyone when he was finished.

“Excuse me, but please get that out of my face,” Valentin said to the user shoving his new story into his view. He brushed the hand away and made for the mouth of the cave the Userpedians called home (Valentin hoped it would not be for much longer).

The user called after him, “But it’s awesome! It has a SPACE STATION for God’s sake!”

Valen blinked. “What’s a space station? Anyway, I have important business regarding our safety, so if you don’t mind (Valen tapped his sword sheath to emphasise), I have to go.”

The user pouted for a few moments, and then walked off to find someone else to review his story.

Ruby was already outside, looking north, deep in thought. Valentin joined him, wondering if he was still thinking about the cat-creature he had found in the building. They had swapped stories, and Valentin had loudly wondered if the creature was the same as the orange something he had seen on the first day, amongst the fires. They both had come to an agreement that it probably was. Why, Ruby asked hypothetically, was the creature so interested in the Grand Library?

But they couldn't know for sure. So they put it aside and had moved onto the ever-present topic of moving Userpedia to a safer ground. Many days had passed now and the fires desecrating the land had died, leaving behind a dead landscape. The path to the north was clear, and seemed worn down, Ruby noticed. It seemed to be a well-used travel path, and the two guessed that it would be worn enough that it should give the refugees a wide berth from any flame that would stick around.

Valentin smiled a little at the sight. He said to Ruby, “So when do you think we’ll be able to move out?”

Ruby gave it some thought, staring up at the sky. “Depends,” he said finally, knowing it was a half-arsed answer. “If we don’t run into any trouble, we could be out of here by... say, tomorrow or something? Assuming we get everyone mobilised and packed up by the morning.. And assuming we don’t get attacked.”

“Hmm.” Valentin was silent for a while. “Do you think there are any more of whatever played havoc in the Library?”

“Maybe. There’d have to have been for that one to exist, but... I just don’t know...”

Valen nodded. Ruby turned to him. His tone had changed. “I’m going to need someone to scout the path, though, and see if it’s safe. Are you up for it?”

“Of course,” Valen grinned. “I’d be glad to.” He paused for a moment, in thought, and then asked, “I’ll need to bring someone along, won’t I?”

“For your safety as well as ours.” Ruby knew of his friend’s capacity for damage, but he wasn't willing to take any chances, and he had the idea that Valentin knew that as well. Better to be safe than sorry. “Actually, I think I’ll come along with you. I could use a stroll to clear my head.”

Valen nodded, glad. He had been worried about his friend after the attack he’d had a few days ago. He needed the fresh (well, not quite) air as much as he did.

And so the two set off to the north, the viability from moving from their dead homelands becoming very real to them as they scouted the path for any danger. But there did not seem to be any visible danger, and most of the fires in that area were subsiding.

Meanwhile, Guy was heading up the packing duty. Though he was uncertain when they would move, he had mentioned to some people that they should be ready to move at a moment’s notice, and so all non-essentials (including the small tents people had set up for themselves) would need to be packed away in case of an evacuation. For convenience, however, there was a cloth hung from roof to floor in a corner of the cave, for people to dress.

Some of the group were sad and annoyed that they would have to move away from their homeland. They said that wherever they stopped next would never be as good as where they used to live. Yes, it was sad, said one of the more respected members, but it was for a greater good, and, he hoped, for a chance of a future for the Userpedia legacy.

Steve chose to stick around, and was at that time miming “In A Gadda Da Vida” as he assisted the Heroes and Defenders in packing up. In a way, he was an honorary Hero, for without the Grand Library, Userpedia would have never been.

Soon though, night fell, and the Userpedians settled into their sleeping bags and drifted off to sleep.

Some who couldn't sleep, though, could not because of the light that emanated from a lantern, that sat at the “Drawing Board” as some members called it, the unofficial name for the writing desk where many great stories were born.

What Steve, who sat at the table writing, was making though was not a story. He was editing a page he had dug out from the Vault that contained all the user info, event info, stories, everything on Userpedia.

He was editing the Grand Mario Wiki Library’s page. He was adding a section to the bottom of the papers accompanying it, adding with a sigh, these words;

“The Library was destroyed in late August by a violent meteor shower of unknown cause, just after mid-day. It is believed that Steve was the only survivor, as only the people of Userpedia, situated outside the library, survived. All articles in the library were destroyed in the fire that ensued.”

Steve sighed, and committed the page to the vault. Then he wet his fingers, and extinguished the lantern’s flame.

Then he went to bed.

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