A year after Lily's arrival in Inkopolis, she's prouder than ever to call herself an Inkling. And as the Chaos v. Order Splatfest looms ever closer, her friends have gotten her some gifts to mark the anniversary, including a part in the final concert, clothes, inkling oddities - even DJ Octavio got her a pair of shades!

Oh no.


  • #1 - The Final Fest (4,277 words, 24 minutes to read)
    Chaos v. Order is announced, and Lily celebrates her one-year anniversary in Inkopolis.
  • #2 - Neu Wave Music (1,994 words, 11 minutes to read)
    Lily entertains the club as her new DJ persona.
  • #3 - Last Night A DJ... (3,927 words, 22 minutes to read)
    Lily visits a friend, and they shoot the breeze.
  • #4 - Sound of the Underground (5,798 words, 32 minutes to read)
    Forward Squad Ceph escorts DJ Octavio back to his homeland, and they deal with their new captive.