Going Wrong

Lily and Pearl have a chat. Pearl and Marina have a chatroom.

"Marina, we've been keeping watch for eeever. Just wake her up already."

"It's been like half an hour, you two. You don't take a hit like that and just get back up right away..."

Light streamed in from the open end of the sewer tunnel not too far away from the group that sat just inside. Marina and (reluctantly) Eight had carried Lily's unconscious body away from the Square to a more secluded part of the system. A facility they had passed, built into the sewer tunnels, filtered the ink from the flows, and clear water and oil now emptied from here into the canals just ahead.

Initially, the plan was just to question the human where they were. But after a close encounter with an Inkling up on the surface nearly stumbling upon them, they had decided to move further up, to where the tunnels joined the main canal.

"Yeah, but we got things to do! We can't just sit around like this! Why don't we just chuck her in the canal and call it a day?"

Marina looked up from browsing through Lily's iPhone. "Pearl, that's called murder." She had discovered the fingerprint lock mechanism, and had figured it out enough to try unlocking the phone with Lily's thumbs. Naturally, it had worked. Now she sat next to the unconscious Inkling as she looked through random applications and messages, wishing she could understand the text...

"And? Marina, she's human, remember?" Pearl turned her back to the tunnel entrance and faced the Octos. "She doesn't belong in this world."

"No, she doesn't. But at the same time..." Marina paused to think. "No, I can't allow it. I wanna know what she has to say first. Then if there's any way to send her back..."

"Well, at least wake her up, yo! I'm tired of waiting around!"

Marina sighed. "Well, perhaps some of those strong smelling salts would do the trick... I didn't think to bring any with me, and I think that's probably the quickest way to do that. I can go back and get some, if you and Eight will watch Lily."

"Yeah, okay. We can handle her." Pearl nodded, already forming a plan. "We've got this!"

"Great. Alright." Marina stood up, having knelt and examined Lily carefully. "I'll be back shortly, alright? Fifteen minutes, max." She started to jog back into the tunnel, waving back at Pearl and Agent Eight.

Pearl waved until her bandmate had disappeared behind a corner, then turned to Eight. "She's got a point, Eight, but we can't afford to waste time on this. Who knows what'll happen, eh? I know just how to wake her up. Watch this."

Pearl pulled out her Dualies as she approached Lily's body, straddling her. She watched her face quietly for a few moments, noticing she had gone into a regular sleep. Then she raised her right hand and smacked the side of one of the Dualies against Lily's temple.

The low groan from the Inkling told Pearl what she wanted to know - she was waking.

Lily was smacked awake some unknown time after being knocked out. Her head seared with pain from the earlier blow and her vision swam briefly as she tried to make sense of where she was.

"Oy. Eyes up here." Someone in white was standing in front of her. She blinked her eyes a few times, and they came into focus.

It was Pearl. And she was aiming a pair of Splat Dualies right at her.

She seemed to have been dragged up against the wall of the sewer tunnel. She guessed that she may have been too heavy to be moved away from the sewers, but she was now not too far off from the end of the underground tunnel. Her hands were also bound behind her back.

The Octoling boy was with them, to her left - he had his own weapon, Splattershot-like, also aimed at her.

Lily sighed, and closed her eyes. "Well? What's the hold-up? Do it already."

"Nuh uh," Pearl said with a smirk. "It's time to talk."

Grumbling, Lily looked around for other options. Maybe she could get herself into the ink river, assuming it didn't hurt, and get to safety that way? She focused for a moment, turning into a squid before they knew what was happening.

Except that she couldn't.

For whatever reason, the vibrations of the device that still rumbled on her back were  preventing her from changing.

"Hey, what the?" Lily exclaimed. "What did you do to me?!"

Pearl smirked. "Eight tells me a Disruptor basically stops the target from changing forms while it's active. So no way you're going squid around us. And," she let a bit of teeth show, stepping a bit closer, "that does mean you won't be allowed to respawn if you're a bad human. So you better behave, yeah?"

Lily thought about this. "That... basically means I'll die, right?"

"Oh would you look at that." The smirk grew ever-wider. "I guess humans are somewhat intelligent."

"Why, Pearl?" Lily sighed, watching the Dualie barrels carefully. "Why are you guys so angry and scared of me? I swear I'm not dangerous..."

"You know exactly why, human. I guess it's too bad your little toy statue didn't kill us all, huh? 'Cuz now we're gonna take our revenge on you."

Lily's face dropped, and her brows furrowed in confusion. Oh... this is gonna suck...

"Alright kid, 'fess up." Pearl pressed the barrel of one of her Dualies against Lily's forehead. "Why are you here?"

"... Fine," Lily finally said, and her body slumped in defeat. "I'm here to rebuild my life, fuck you very much. Since I was so rudely pulled out of my own time. I don't know why I got here, though. I honestly don't."

"Why?" The barrel pressed into her forehead more firmly, leaving a mark.

"Because I don't even know how I got here. What I do know makes no sense."

"Tell us."

Lily stared up at Pearl with a scowl. "Fell down a ravine, probably to my death, suddenly was above Octo Valley." Her eyes narrowed. "No. Fucking. Sense."

"I'm not sure I believe you... human."

"Much as I really despise what you're doing, I've no reason to lie." One brief moment later, she revised: "Not anymore."

Pearl slowly, cautiously, eased the Dualie barrel off of Lily's head. "Then turn back. Show me what you really look like."

Lily shook her head. "God damnit Pearl, that's impossible. Humans can't shape-shift."

"Bullshit! Why are you disguised as an Inkling then?"

"I'm not disguised... I am an Inkling now. I thought you would have asked Sheldon that. I heard you had quite the chat with my friends." She sighed. "Cephalopods have been evolving without us for hundreds, thousands, I dunno, millions of years? Your ink as a defense mechanism has a much more violent reaction to humans now. I got changed because I landed in ink."

"That sounds ridiculous."

"I realise. But everything else has evolved with you guys. We haven't."

"And what does this have to do with NILS?"

"...What's NILS? Pardon?"

"Don't be daft! We know you worked with Tartar to try to kill us all and give humans back the world!"

Lily just stared at her. "...What the fuck are you on about, Pearl?! I've no idea what either of those things are! I don't want to destroy---"

"SHUT IT!" Pearl's Dualie muzzles pressed firmly against Lily's head, and the human-Inkling saw the other's fingers rest on the triggers. "That's enough. Ya done, son."

Lily sighed, and closed her eyes. As she waited for Pearl to make a move, almost hoping for Pearl to open fire on her, she wondered what death would feel like...

"Lily! Hang on!"

"Don't come any closer!" Pearl and Eight stood up, training their weapons in the direction of the voice, further into the darkness of the sewer tunnels. Lily also looked over, hopeful.

At first, they didn't see anything.

Then two figures came around the corner, not too far away, coming towards them. The first was clearly Marina, and she had brought some smelling salts to awaken Lily.

But Marina had led someone to them. And judging by the custom Brella pointed at her back, not by choice. She looked ashamed as her eyes met Pearl's.

The person behind Marina...

Pearl's hearts sank.

The intruder's face dropped as she came closer, and her brandished custom Brella lowered slightly. Her eyes darted from Pearl, to Lily, to the Octoling boy in gear similar to, but not quite like, Octavio's own forces.

"No..." Marie breathed in shock. "I would never have believed you, both of you, would be working with the enemy."

Marina blinked, and swapped glances with her friends, the color draining from her face. "M-Marie... No... We..."

"Let go of her and step aside. Now." Marie refocused her Brella on Marina. "Don't make me use this on her..."

"I can't believe you're working with the human!" Pearl spat, raising her Dualies again at Marie.

"Pearlie! Stop!" Marina gasped out. She was caught in the middle of this standoff. This was not a situation she wanted to be in.

"Yes, I am!" Marie slowly stepped towards them, keeping her Brella up, pushing Marina forward. "I don't know why you're spreading these rumors, but I will personally vouch for her credibility!"

Pearl seemed taken aback by the accusation. "They aren't rumors!" she cried out. "We saw the threat with our own eyes! We stopped the threat, for goodness sake! We're stopping her before the humans try again to wipe us all out for good! Including you, Marie!"

"You're being ridiculous. What about him?" Marie pointed her weapon at Eight, and Eight reflexively trained his weapon on her. "Don't try it, octoslob."

"He's on our side!" Pearl yelled. "I mean, he's on your side. I mean..."

"He's a refugee," clarified Marina. "We helped him escape, and start a new life! What we went through to get him here is why we're so concerned about the human!"

"Why are you telling her?!" hissed Pearl in Marina's direction.

"She needs to know the facts," Marina replied, facing her but clearly addressing Marie. "To know just what she has sided with."

"I know exactly who I've sided with, thanks." Marie inched the two of them closer, at least until the Octo boy raised his weapon again. "And she is nothing like I have heard from you both. I'd know, I found the poor girl in the first place."

"You WHAT?!" Pearl yelled at her, astounded. "You are the one that unleashed Tartar upon us?!"

"I didn't unle--- wait, who?" Marie furrowed her brows. Who on earth...? "Who the heck is Tartar? I only know a Lily." She nodded at the body sat on the ground. "And she's been with me or A--- ...or her friend Lorne ever since she got here. You don't truly believe me to be working against Inkopolis, do you?"

"Well... n-no but... humans---"

"Are extinct now." Marie tried to put on a friendlier voice. She hoped she would be able to get them to at least stand down... "Yes, one has survived, somehow. But from all of my time working and hanging out with her, she has been the complete opposite of what you have said humans are like." She sighed. "Even if humans do somehow become a threat in the future, I assure you that she will not be one of them. She's embraced her new life, as one of us. Now lower your weapons and let me treat her."

"You first," Pearl said firmly, not entirely convinced.

"I'll put my weapon down if you do," Marie offered.

Pearl sighed. "Let Marina go and we'll do it."

Marie rolled her eyes. "I won't let her go free, but I'll let her return over to you." She nudged the idol in their direction and, slowly, Marina got the hint, crossing the gap between them, returning to Pearl and Eight.

Pearl nodded. "Fine... We'll all go on three."

Marie nodded, and slowly began to lower the Brella, watching Pearl and Eight carefully. "One... Two..."

Both Pearl and Eight reluctantly began to drop their weapons to their side.


Marie's Brella hung limply from her hand, as did Pearl's Dualies and Eight's Octoshot.

"Much better." Marie closed the distance between them cautiously, and knelt down before Lily's form, examining her bruises and squeezing her hand comfortingly. Now that Marie was up close with her, she noticed that her clothes were rough and worn from being dragged against the concrete for such a long distance.

"So... what's actually going on, then?" Marina quietly asked. "Who is she?"

Marie looked at the three of them silently before answering, "She was brought here against her will. I was the one who found her, so... we became friends. I've been helping her settle into the city with the help of Sheldon and Lorne. That's all I feel comfortable saying for now, especially after this stunt you've pulled."

She stood up, turning to them. "Now I strongly recommend you three go back to whatever you were doing before you decided to terrorize this poor girl. I'll be taking her back to her place. Come on, Lily, up you get..." She bent down briefly to help the pained Inkling slowly get to her feet. "We'll chat about this some other time, girls. And I expect your full co-ordination from now on." They started to walk down the sewer path, back the way they had came.

Pearl, Marina, and Eight stared after her as she left, then looked at each other.

"Oh, and Marina..."

"Yes... Marie?"

"If I hear that you've started working for Octavio again, I will be back. We will be back. Am I clear?"

"...Yes, Marie. No chance of that happening."

"Good. You all take care now."

And Marie half-carried Lily as they made their way back.

Pearl cocked her head in Marina's direction. "What on Earth happened there?"

Marina sighed, not turning to face her. "She jumped me when I got back to the Square after getting those salts... Lily's phone had gotten a message, but I didn't know who it was from until I got back down into the sewers and was ambushed." She sighed and finally turned back to Pearl and Eight. "Did you get much out of her?"

"A bit..." Pearl kicked the concrete ground in annoyance. "She's really sticking to the idea that she doesn't know about Tartar or NILS at all. Swears she is an Inkling now. Says she was brought to our time but not of her own accord."

"Hm..." Marina thought quietly. Something is still clearly up, but... I guess it's possible she could, in fact, be a bystander of sorts...

"Marina..." Pearl prodded her bandmate. "What did Marie mean? Who's Octavio?"

"Ah... that's a bit of a long story," Marina said nervously, sharing a glance with Agent Eight. "I guess we can tell it on the way back. Wanna learn about my old boss?"


Agent 4 checked her phone yet again. Still no messages. Come on, Lily...

Since Lily had left about an hour and some ago, she had eagerly awaited her next message, that would tell her she had made it to the Hideout.

But that message had not arrived. She should have made it safely by now... What if they had caught her?

What if she had never arri---

The chime of the doorbell broke her chain of thought, and she panicked. Oh no, what if she was right, and they are here to... have words with me?

She grabbed her Hero Shot from the kitchen bench and inched her way over to the door.

Slowly, quietly, in case she had to pretend she wasn't there, she looked through the peephole.

And saw Marie, Callie, and... a battered Lily.

She quickly unlocked and opened the door, tossing her weapon aside. "Oh my cod!" she cried out as she assisted them, guiding Lily to the couch to crash. "What happened?!"

"She got ambushed beneath the Square," Marie told her. "They knew she was going via the sewers. I'm glad I thought to come and find her, as you can tell they got... pretty physical with her." The two sat on either side of Lily, but Lorne quickly pulled her into an embrace while Marie leaned forward to look into the girl's eyes. "Hey, you alright in there? You've not said a word since I found you."

Lily turned her head slowly to look at her. Swallowing, she said, "They beat me around the head kinda hard. The pain is making it hard to think right now. But thank you for coming to help me. And sorry."

"Ssshhhh. You're fine." Marie rested her hand on her shoulder. "We know you way better than they do. We've got your back."

As Marie told Lorne about what she had found in the sewers, Callie placed her backpack down on the floor. Everything had (thankfully) been left intact. The bag was a mess though - it was clear that everything had been pulled out and then jammed back in. She did notice a lack of something though... "Uhh, Lily's phones are missing," she announced to the group.

"Oh, shit right..." Lily said, a little slowly as she nuzzled into Lorne's shoulder. "Apparently Marina has them..."

"Oh, joy." Lorne sighed. "So, what now?"

"Well... First I rest up." Lily sighed deeply, noticing the pain was beginning to dull. "And then I guess I'm just gonna have to sit down with 'em and prove I'm no threat."

"And hopefully work out what the deal is with this Tartar nonsense," added Marie. "They seem to have Lily confused for some other person that is or at least was a threat."

"But to do this to her?" Lorne gestured at her friend. "I thought Pearl and Marina were better than this."

"I mean, if they were convinced she was a world-ending threat..." Callie frowned. She was in the kitchenette, fixing everyone up glasses of milk as she spoke. "Not that that makes it right, but..."

"Of course it doesn't!" Lorne said, raising her voice and startling Lily slightly. "They should know better than to just... do what they did, human or not!"

"Marina should know better," Marie corrected. "And maybe she does now, now that we've shaken her up a bit. She'd've been in Lily's shoes when she first arrived. Pearl, I'm not sure she gets it yet..."

"I don't know her as well as you two probably do," Lorne started, "but she doesn't strike me as the type to think this sort of situation through!"

Callie and Marie both made non-committal grunts. "It's hard to say," Callie said, as she handed out glasses of milk to the rest of the crew, and sat on the couch arm next to Marie. "There are some things she does really well, I mean she promoted Off the Hook on her own when they first got together. And yeah, she got a little wild now and then, but this... Maybe it's worth investigating this thing they keep mentioning, cous'."

"...Yeah, I think you're right." Marie thought for a moment, looking intently at Lorne and Lily as she sipped at her milk glass. "Lily. Agent

  1. Are... you still up for our kinda work? I know it's been real rough today..."

Lily stared sleepily up at her, having curled up on the couch, her head resting in Lorne's lap. She said simply, "I gotta..."

"Sure, but do you want to? Because if you do, I'll have a task for you and Agent 4 that will involve this Tartar character."

Lily thought for a few long moments, but nodded. "I'll do what I can," she yawned, "to keep everyone safe."

Marie smiled, satisfied. "Alright," she began. "When you do go and see Marina and Pearl again, first off I... think I'd like you to bring Four with you as support. No need for you to be on your own again if things go downhill. OK, Four?"

Lorne nodded. "I'd be glad to protect her."

"Secondly, I want you to find out from them what exactly happened with Tartar, what NILS is, all that. Find out where they were last seen. Then report back to us, and we'll all figure out where to go from there. That sound good?"

Lily nodded silently.

"Cool. Don't worry, Lily. We've got your back."

"I wish Gramps were here..." Callie sighed. "His insight would be so helpful..."

"Yeah..." Marie sighed. "He and Agent 3 have been gone for quite a while now. I hope that their work has been going alright..."

"They know what they're doing. I bet they're doing just fine." Callie smiled. "I just wish he'd get in touch..."

Marie nodded. "I hope he comes back soon. I'm sure he would love to meet the new Agents."

"I would love to meet him one day," Lorne smiled at them. She had sat Lily up, who was still looking a little groggy, and sipped at her glass.

Marie nodded again, and the apartment was quiet for a minute as everyone drank up.

Lorne reached for the remote during this downtime and flicked on the TV. There was a League battle being broadcast, whom three of the girls recognised were two of the higher-ranked teams duking it out in a Tower Control setting. The network was providing its own commentary.

"Oh, sweet!" Callie perked up. I haven't seen these guys playing in ages. Mind if we watch?\" She asked Lorne.

"Not at all," Lorne smiled. "You a sports person, Lily?"

"This sorta sports, I could get into I think." Lily rubbed the back of her head and found her gaze drawn to the television screen. She found herself easily distracted by the battle unfolding.

"I heard you did pretty well for your first battle," Marie complimented, glad the conversation was pivoting away from business. "Who knows, this could be you one day."


"Well, keep training and battling and we'll see, mm?" Callie smiled at her.

Everyone started to relax as they enjoyed the battles on TV. Callie and Marie both ended up staying for dinner, ordering from the local "Fish's Chip Takeaway" and enjoying some hot, deep-fried, crunchy chips with their Agents.

When they finally said their farewells, well after the sun had set, the mood had much improved, and Lily felt more confident that she might be able to deal with Off the Hook.

And as she and Lorne got into bed for the night, she was once again reminded of just how glad she was to have them as friends.

Lily just hoped the throbbing pain in her forehead would go away.

* DJ_Hyperfresh has joined the chatroom
* MC.Princess has joined the chatroom
MC.Princess> AYO
Octagent> hello
DJ_Hyperfresh> Hey everyone, we're back from work stuff.
DJ_Hyperfresh> Octagent: Are you doing OK?
Octagent> am using cold-pack
Octagent> less pain now
DJ_Hyperfresh> Thank goodness! That was quite the hit you took earlier
Octagent> yes. They will being sore for rest of day
* IAmThree has joined the chatroom
DJ_Hyperfresh> Well be sure to give yourself a break, I hear they get sensitive when people play rough with them...
DJ_Hyperfresh> Uh
DJ_Hyperfresh> Ahahaha
DJ_Hyperfresh> Hi there 3!
IAmThree> I won't ask
MC.Princess> I still think you should go with SquidbeakThreek, IAmThree
DJ_Hyperfresh> Yeah Eight got uh... kicked right between the legs today
DJ_Hyperfresh> I'll explain shortly
IAmThree> Oh youch
IAmThree> MC.Princess: I made it my backup username, but it's not really my style
IAmThree> So who's who again?
MC.Princess> Yo it's Pearl!
MC.Princess> Marina is DJ_Hyperfresh, Octagent is Agent 8
MC.Princess> No points for guessing who CraigCuttlefish is
CraigCuttlefish> yes?
MC.Princess> Hey Cap your boy IAmThree is here
CraigCuttlefish> hello again agent 3
DJ_Hyperfresh> Oh no...
DJ_Hyperfresh> Pearl, her phone's locked again.
MC.Princess> Really?! Aw nuts
DJ_Hyperfresh> I guess when the screen turned off it must have auto-locked.
IAmThree> Whose phone?
DJ_Hyperfresh> I'd have to either get her fingerprint again or guess the code. And I've never seen her type in the code.
DJ_Hyperfresh> One sec Three
DJ_Hyperfresh> Remember when you came up to the surface, we mentioned a girl who seemed suspicious?
CraigCuttlefish> HUMAN???
DJ_Hyperfresh> Aww, I wanted to be the one to tell him...
DJ_Hyperfresh> Are you going to do that every time?
CraigCuttlefish> yes
IAmThree> Holy shit
IAmThree> Are you sure?
Octagent> I have hearing of the words too
IAmThree> But the fossils...
DJ_Hyperfresh> Oh no they are totally still extinct
DJ_Hyperfresh> It's some weird time travel thing, seems like.
IAmThree> Soo... are they connected to NILS then?
DJ_Hyperfresh> Well we... haven't been able to prove that yet.
DJ_Hyperfresh> I didn't notice any familiar NILS/Kamabo logos or icons on her phone
IAmThree> They gotta be, right?
IAmThree> A machine created by humans shows up, then an actual human?
MC.Princess> See, me and Three are on the same wavelength
MC.Princess> Can't be a coincidence
DJ_Hyperfresh> I get what you are getting at.
DJ_Hyperfresh> I just have to consider it's possible they don't know each other...
DJ_Hyperfresh> The statue and Tartar has to have been operating since humans went extinct. And we've only been seeing the human herself for like... a month.
DJ_Hyperfresh> MC.Princess: check PMs

* Private message with MC.Princess
DJ_Hyperfresh> Should we mention the Marie thing?
MC.Princess> Uhhhh good question
MC.Princess> With Cap about probably not
MC.Princess> That could cause some big problems
DJ_Hyperfresh> Yeah that might tear him apart... if he thinks his family is working opposite him
DJ_Hyperfresh> Maybe I'll just... not mention it right now.
DJ_Hyperfresh> If it becomes important then yeah but for now...
MC.Princess> Good call
MC.Princess> I'll zip it then

* Now chatting in #MarinasChatroom
IAmThree> So what happened?
MC.Princess> So this ancient car was found on the roof of the New Albacore Hotel right??
DJ_Hyperfresh> Yeah, they're rebuilding the roof to be part of the Turf War circuit, so they can get more traffic and stuff. And then a few weeks ago, news gets out of this vehicle just... sitting on the roof. In the middle of a construction site.
MC.Princess> Totally weird yeah?
DJ_Hyperfresh> They finally got it down off the roof today, so we were there doing a piece on it for the news crew.
MC.Princess> And WHO HAPPENS TO BE IN THE CROWD but the weird girl, and her friend
MC.Princess> And SHELDON
IAmThree> Sheldon's in on this? Wow
MC.Princess> Yeah he knows
MC.Princess> He was also the one who *told us* she was human
DJ_Hyperfresh> So we went in and had a talk with em
DJ_Hyperfresh> And things got kinda... heated
DJ_Hyperfresh> She tried to tell us she studied the human language or something like that.
IAmThree> I don't remember any school offering anything like that
MC.Princess> Yeah they don't
MC.Princess> She was totally making shit up
DJ_Hyperfresh> And then yeah, Sheldon cracked and confirmed it for us, and she ran off.
DJ_Hyperfresh> We caught her not too long ago to ask questions, but another... friend of hers arrived and hauled her off.
MC.Princess> So yeah it's been wild today
DJ_Hyperfresh> A bit of an adventure, yes.
CraigCuttlefish> inklings helping humans? sounds like conspiracy
MC.Princess> Conspiracy adventure? I dig it
IAmThree> What are they actually doing then
MC.Princess> Settling in or some junk SO THEY SAY
MC.Princess> I still think they have something to do with NILS
DJ_Hyperfresh> Well... I've been thinking, after her friend came to rescue her
DJ_Hyperfresh> She did have her first Turf War game today... 
MC.Princess> Yeah and?
DJ_Hyperfresh> Well, like... We haven't seen much from her, she seems like she's making an effort to blend into Inkopolis, right?
DJ_Hyperfresh> Tartar hated our culture entirely, Lily seems at least to be trying to embrace it
MC.Princess> I guess she does have friends in Sheldon and that one girl
CraigCuttlefish> so wait is the human good or not
DJ_Hyperfresh> Uhh... She's not Tartar levels of bad, yet anyway
DJ_Hyperfresh> But I'm not ready to call her 'good' yet... 
DJ_Hyperfresh> I don't think she will want to talk to us anymore after how we handled her though...
MC.Princess> Let's give her some space and see what she gets up to
CraigCuttlefish> I could get agent 1 and 2 on the case if theyre not busy
MC.Princess> Maybe
DJ_Hyperfresh> I dunno... She hasn't *tried* anything yet.
DJ_Hyperfresh> But I'll keep that in mind
MC.Princess> Hey Octagent hasn't posted for a while
MC.Princess> You OK 8??
Octagent> yes
Octagent> screen is moving fast like
Octagent> makes the reading hard
DJ_Hyperfresh> Yeah this is the fastest this chatroom has ever gone!
MC.Princess> We'll keep you guys informed
DJ_Hyperfresh> Yeah as the folks say at work, it's a 'developing story'.
CraigCuttlefish> don't worry eight
CraigCuttlefish> it will die down again soon
Octagent> die?
Octagent> :(
MC.Princess> It just gets quiet sometimes 8
MC.Princess> Thats all he meant
Octagent> ok
Octagent> :)

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