Life hasn't been normal for Lily ever since she arrived in Inkopolis from twelve thousand years ago, and touched the lives of the New Squidbeak Splatoon and the musical duo Off the Hook. But now that she knows the truth behind her arrival, and has gained some closure on her old life, she has a chance to establish a new life, turn a previous hobby into a career, and experience the world's offerings in the name of preserving what's left of the human era.


  • #1 - The Interview (4,690 words, 26 minutes to read)
    The Tentaport Institute of Humanities receives an important guest. / Inkopolis News debuts a special report on the discoveries about humans.
  • #2 - The Salmon Dance (4,574 words, 25 minutes to read)
    Lily, Lorne, Remo and Eight take a few Salmon Run shifts looking for an artefact.
  • #3 - On A Rail (4,902 words, 27 minutes to read)
    Cap'n Cuttlefish and Agent 3 discover an unused and forgotten train line connecting the Deepsea Metro and the Inkopolis Rail System.
  • #4 - Time Capsule (5,644 words, 31 minutes to read)
    Agent 8 finds out what is on the recovered artefact from Grizzco, and wants to learn more.
  • #5 - The Octopus Garden (4,322 words, 24 minutes to read)
    DJ Octavio is bored.