Every now and then I write things. Some of these are based on established universes by others, some are just things I did for/including/with other people.

I'll try to include links to other places you can read them, if you prefer other sites.


Begin Again: Chronicles of an Ex-Human in Inkopolis (2018-Current)

Alternate links: Fanfiction Online FanFiction.net Archive of Our Own

Lily is an odd Inkling who's learning to live in the big city of Inkopolis among other marine life. She's also ex-human, after being flung far into the future from her own time. But it's hard to keep a secret like that from the New Squidbeak Splatoon, who found her, Off the Hook, who think she's connected to the NILS facility, and DJ Octavio, who wants her and her history for himself.


sorry nothing


Untitled BOTW Story Idea (Sample) (2022)

Sample for a story I'd like to write. You, having been isekai'd into Breath of the Wild's Hyrule, discover a body in your travels.

The Battle for Mikea (2011)

Alternate links: Userpedia (cached)

The journeys of the immigrating Userpedia colony, a subcommunity of the major city of the now-destroyed Mario Wiki's Great Library, as they search for a new home away from their destroyed lands.