Turns out, you kinda do need a blog


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I read a post a few weeks back espousing the need for a personal blog. If I find that page again, I’ll have it linked here - but the gist of the author’s reasons were this:

I am (almost infamously I’m sure) awful at maintaining a blog. The issues that I’ve found with keeping one up to date is that, most of the time, there’s not actually that much going on in my life that I feel is worth making a post about. I’d fallen into a hole of just keeping to myself, and believing that, even if I did actually write something… well, what’s the point? Who would read it?

Back in October 2022, when Elon Musk bought Twitter, I finally took the plunge and dropped it for good in favor of a profile on the Fediverse. I fought my hardest to try to get some of my friends there to follow me, but instead a lot of friends from there either stayed on Twitter (now X) or simply quit the microblogging scene entirely. (Not hard to see why - Twitter was a reminder to me that those services thrive on making people stress every second of every day forever.)

But I’ve been decently happy on my little corner of the fediverse, and it’s got me thinking again about connecting a blog to the platform, and having somewhere where I can just sorta… nerd out into the ether.

I was considering returning to regular YouTube stuff instead, but, I don’t think I can really make that effort again.

Maybe some of the things I had planned, I can put here instead…

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