Hyprland sure is a thing

I found myself wanting to experiment with my desktop lately, so I decided to try the Hyprland environment (also really dipping my toes into Wayland with this). I'm leaving my KDE environment installed while I try this out.

I never really did much with tiling environments before (For the uninitiated, 'tiling' environments are structured so that all windows are arranged around each other, as opposed to 'stacking' environments which we all usually start with, where windows can be on top of each other), but I appreciate being able to hot-reload the configuration as I tweak settings and figure out what I like.

These sort of environments tend to be very 'minimal' in terms of what comes with it. Often you are getting just the window manager, which means if you want something like a taskbar, dock, notifications, or anything of that vein, you are installing those yourself, and then having it load alongside your environment of choice.

With that in mind, here's what I've ended up using so far:

I'm liking it so far, although I haven't figured out yet if I'm going to stick with this. But having been able to setup workspaces (virtual desktops) for each monitor (that is, independent of each other), which has been something I really wanted in both KDE and GNOME, I must say I'm rather happy with it. Now I just need to figure out window rules and things...