Well this is... an interesting format for a blog.

Welcome back to returning readers (and also, WHY?!), and hello to all my friends who are checking this out for the first time. I've just set up this Dokuwiki to replace the Ghost blog as the main site.

There will still be blogs (like this one!) that are set to show up on the main page, but it won't be the only thing going on now - I'm also building a knowledge base of things that I've made, and a place where I can continue to build those things.

It'll be an interesting experiment, for sure.

Streaming Plans

Now that I am on the National Broadband Network, I can finally stream to Twitch or whathaveyou.

Currently, my plan for what game(s) to stream is as follows:

  • One day will be dedicated to [Splatoon 2](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Splatoon 2) (with some Splatoon 1 sometimes as I play with offline mods)
  • One day will be dedicated to Distance, with community levels and speedruns
  • There will be one other day in the stream schedule, that will be open to //any// game

The days are looking like they will be Friday 4:30PM, Saturday 10AM, and Sunday 10AM (all Eastern Australia time). The Friday stream will be the 'open' stream, Saturday will be Splatoon, and Sunday will be Distance.

I've not begun to stream regularly yet - I will have a link to my Twitch channel once I do.

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