I sure am really good at this blog stuff. Although, to be fair, I haven't written much of anything the last few years. What with COVID, lack of motivation, the blog being hacked at one point...

I'll quickly summarize what's been happening in my life, though -

  • I moved out of home in about July last year! Wow, it's almost been a year already? Fuck I'm getting old. My housemate is a furry I ran into on Twitter through a mutual friend, and it's been a delight to share this unit with them
  • In November, I took a trip to one of the towns I grew up in the pre-2000s. Spent a few hours just walking around, seeing how much it had changed and not changed, spent more time chatting to a local resident about everything, and I then took a trip up Mount Dandenong, having never been up there before. The lookout was incredible to see...
  • I am officially forklift certified in my state! I know, me, a nerd. It was an unexpected turn that I went down, as my bosses felt that my technically-minded nature would be suited to it. I'm quite enjoying it so far, I've been doing this for 6 months now.

Where I haven't been writing, though, I've been coding, and toying with ideas, and the like:

  • I replaced my webserver backend with Caddy, so that I could more easily route visitors around. With this, I've made quick links to most servers I have a presence on. Well, most of them...
  • I have revamped my filehost subdomain, not only to use Caddy's default file browser, but also to finally add many of my mashups to the site. In addition, some folders will redirect to listings elsewhere, so if you're looking for my mixes (and the many I've made while not uploading them), or my TrackMania tracks, these folders will take you offsite to various places.
  • I've decided to futureproof my social presence some - I now have a Friendica profile that can be followed from any site that supports ActivityPub (Mastodon, for most people). This is also set up so that I can interface with Twitter, liking and sharing tweets from there, and of course posting to the site.
  • In the same vein, I made myself a Matrix server. If ever we move off of Discord, I now have an open presence I can use to chat with other Matrix users, or bridge with other services to chat with them.
  • Service uptime, anyone?

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