Super Mashup Boy

Super Mashup Boy

PUSH THE BUTTONS! You unlocked something locked: A new Super Meat Boy mashup album by Simon Flavelle! The forces of evil pit themselves against the magical turntables of Neural Psychosis (or something like that, anyway).


Track Listing

# Track Name Mashed With
1 Afraid (World 1 Light) Generic CAW feat. Raocow - Afraid
2 Dark Forest Zone (World 1 Dark)
3 Betustress (World 2 Light) Justice - Stress (Auto Remix)
4 LED There Be Fetus (World 6 Boss) Rank 1 - LED There Be Light
5 Speedway to Browntown (World 3 Boss)
6 Cotton Waves (World 7)
7 You're Not Supposed To Be Here (World 4 Dark) Kelly Bailey - You're Not Supposed To Be Here (Half-Life 2)
8 Oppression (World 4 Boss) Studio Pixel - Oppression (Cave Story)
9 The End Of Us (World 6 Dark (Unused)) Daft Punk - Something About Us
10 Genesis (World 4 Light) Justice - Genesis (Remix)
11 Supersonic Rapture (World 5 Light) she - Supersonic
12 Let There Be Internets (Teh Internets) Justice - Let There Be Light
13 Mashup Boy Anthem

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