Cave Story Remix Album

Cave Story Remix Album


Now that we have that obligatory statement out of the way, here we have a re-version of Neural Psychosis' original Cave Story mashup album, released just for The Layabouts' Festabouts event, with new tracks and the best older tracks from its conception back in '09.


There are no guarantees that the The Layabouts link will be supported. I eventually plan to mirror my mashups onto this site, and local streaming and downloads will be available at that time.

Track Listing

# Track
1 Title Theme vs. Hella Good (No Doubt)
2 Gestation vs. Nebula (Rushjet1)
3 Title Theme vs. The Device Has Been Modified (Victims of Science)
4 Mimiga Town vs. Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger (Daft Punk/Deadmau5 Remix)
5 Gravity vs. Hell March (Red Alert 2)
6 Balrog's Theme vs. Now You're Playing With Power (handheld)
7 Mischievous Robot vs. Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix)
8 Grasstown vs. Love Today (Mika)
9 Meltdown vs. DARE (Gorillaz)
10 Jenka's Theme vs. Frontier Psychiatrist (The Avalanches)
11 Balcony vs. Niji no kawa (she)
12 Break Down... & Seal Chamber
13 Geothermal vs. Argon Refinery (Shatter)
14 Labyrinth Fight & Geothermal vs. Underwater & World 1 (SMB3)
15 Oppression vs. Justice
16 Living Waterway vs. Memories (she)
17 Hero's End, Last Battle & Zombie vs. Training Room (Perfect Dark 64)
18 Moonsong vs. Feel Good Inc (Gorillaz)
19 Last Battle vs. Pioneer (she)
20 Last Battle vs. Shuttle Clear (Blast Corps)
21 Running Hell vs. Power Plant (One Must Fall 2097)
22 The Way Back Home...?

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