Mashups and Mixes

Simon Says

Mashups and Mixes

I produce mashups under the moniker Simon Says (previously Neural Psychosis).

Below you'll find a feed of most of my work. I'll be trying to upload new stuff onto this page going forward.

A work in progress - I'm currently (slowly) working on getting my backlog of tracks up here.

Christening the new site with a brand new mashup, and one not related to Splatoon! (Still kind of obsessed...) This is also my first track featuring My Chemical Romance.

Squidbeat Splatitudes is a collection of electronic- and house-themed mashups of music featured in the Splatoon series from Nintendo, taking the tracks from the established fictional artists in the world of squids and kids (and octos) and shifting them into decidedly more human genres!

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PUSH THE BUTTONS! You unlocked something locked: A new Super Meat Boy mashup album by Simon Flavelle! The forces of evil pit themselves against the magical turntables of Neural Psychosis (or something like that, anyway).


Now that we have that obligatory statement out of the way, here we have a re-version of Neural Psychosis' original Cave Story mashup album, released just for The Layabouts' Festabouts event, with new tracks and the best older tracks from its conception back in '09.