Bucket Reference Page

Bucket is the in-house bot of The General Chat, running a version of the Red Discord bot AND Node-Red.

While it has plenty of features as a general-purpose bot, its main uses in The General Chat are:

  • remembering user quotes
  • allowing users to apply their own colours
  • custom commands allowing lots of responses
  • Posting a fun or silly message when certain channels are idle

With all of these commands, you can use either of the following 'prefixes' to do the same job:

  • Bucket, help
  • //help

The prefix will be referred to as [p] for the rest of this page.

User Quotes

Bucket is able to store quotes from users on the server, or from arbitrary people, and recall them in several ways:

  • At random (all users)
  • At random (specific user)
  • By quote ID

These quotes can also be easily shared and referenced through a web browser.

  • To create a quote, use the following syntax:
    [p]addquote "Content of the quote" @Author
  • If you aren't referring to a user, the author can be as long as you like:
    [p]addquote "Content of the quote" A Very Long Author Name
  • To recall any quote at random, simply use
    • To recall a random quote from a user, use
      [p]quote @Author
    • To recall a specific quote, find its ID and use
      [p]quote <id>

* To remove a quote, use

[p]rmquote <id>

* To get the number of quotes on the server, followed by the latest recorded quote, use


You can view many of the quotes in the same way through a web browser. This method allows you to see all quotes from a given user.

You can use all of the following URL commands using the base URL [http://bucket.neurario.com/quote](http://bucket.neurario.com/quote)

  • To recall any quote at random, use
  • To recall a specific quote, find its ID and use
    /quote/<quote id>
  • To get a list of all quotes, use

    or simply

  • To get all quotes from a user (by ID), use
    /quote/<user id>
  • To get all quotes from a user (by name), use
    • The following list contains all possible variables for <name>: Click Me
  1. Ash
  2. Ashdeer
  3. Casey
  4. KcH
  5. Phil
  6. Vid
  7. Vidvisionify
  8. Bri
  9. Brian
  10. Briguy
  11. TedH
  12. TedHubish
  13. hube
  14. tobi
  15. glitch
  16. spicy
  17. spicyrab
  18. sam
  19. samb
  20. sprite
  21. spriteclad
  22. Simon
  23. Neu
  24. Neurario
  25. Lily
  26. Splatsune
  27. bill
  28. billdozer
  29. Faye
  30. Feef
  31. Peaches
  32. Hinch
  33. Hinchy
  34. htw
  35. Harley
  36. Unlobito
  37. Saint
  38. jacksaint
  39. lackingsaint
  40. leiden
  41. mark
  42. marrowow
  43. mezzo
  44. quetzalcoatl
  45. quetz
  46. teriki
  47. triki
  48. terikitiger
  49. trikitiger
  50. bucket
  51. beatbot
  52. noid (No ID - quotes with no user attached to them)
  53. null (No ID - see above)
  • To get the 15 most recent quotes, use
    • You can customize the number of quotes you receive, ie.

Color Roles

Bucket is able to give you a role with the color that you choose.

To give your username a color, use

[p]colorme change <hex color code>

To find the hexadecimal color code of the color you wish to use, use a site like: https://www.color-hex.com/

Custom Commands

The ones that we already made

This is a list of (not all) custom commands currently used in Neubott.

To see how to make your own, please look at the “Making Your Own” category.

Phrase Command ID Command Description
bucket facts facts Enjoy a random 'fact' from Bucket. DISCLAIMER: Do not take anything Neubott says as fact.
what did I miss whatdidimiss Allow Bucket to tell you what happenings, if anything, you didn't get to see.
what else did I miss
Hey Phil facts_phil

Bucket will give you a random tidbit about the person you are trying to summon, if you send their name, their @at, or say something like "Hey <person>" as its own message.

Not available for all users - if you'd like to have factoids show up for you, let Neu know and they'll help you set one up!

Hey Neu facts_neu
@Ashdeer facts_ash
Casey facts_kch
Your Name Here facts_???
raocowisms raocowisms Hey there everyone, this is Raocow, answering all the important questions, such as “what is on your face” and also “is it edible”.
gimme squids splatoon Get a random fanart, screenshot, or character quote from Splatoon 1 or 2.
lemme smash smashpics Get a random fanart or screenshot from the Super Smash Bros series.
bunbunbun bunbunbun bunbunbunbunbun (random rabbit pictures)
deerdeerdeer deerdeerdeer deerdeerdeerdeerdeer (random deer pictures)
bundeerbun bundeerbun Take a guess.
give me a jam givemeajam Party the night away with a random song from Bucket's library.
what's my name myname It's Britney, Bitch
what's my fursona myfursona The modern Sonic OC Generator
pizzaaaa (four or more a's) pizza When pizza's on a bagel…
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