Summer the Octoling

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Age 21
Gender Female
Species Octoling (Splatoon 2)
Height Shorter than average
Weight Average
Hairstyle Ponytail
Ink Color Magenta (Hex #F22AFC, RGB 242,42,252 )
Weapon Set Kensa Splat Dualies
  • Loves tech, but also loves nature
  • Will sit just out of reach when it's raining
  • Listens to music a lot, sometimes DJs mashups at a local club
  • Has a few friends, but is also introverted and asocial

A musically-inclined octoling girl. Loves the technology of the surface, but also sometimes prefers to escape into the country or relax in Inkopolis's parks. She's slightly 'too old' for Turf War but still thinks of herself as a teen/young adult (in squid years) and plays occasionally anyway.

Though she (like all squids/octos) is scared of and avoids rain whenever possible, she still finds herself strangely drawn to the sound it makes when it hits the ground/roof/windows. She often has ambient noise files, including rain, playing in her apartment to help her sleep at night.

She listens to music almost all of the time when wearing her headphones. When not listening to anything the headphones sit around her neck.

While she doesn't make anything original, when she's bored and has access to her computer/laptop she'll either play video games or make mashups. She likes the strange music that humanologists have decrypted from old data drives and sometimes tries to mash these and modern vocal songs together.

Lily is slightly asocial - not that she doesn't have and like her friends, but she likes and is used to being alone. This feeds into her introverted nature as well.

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