Part 1: Fish Out Of Water

Some cosmic bad luck and a little bit of magic resulted in a human waking up in another body, in a time where squids rule the earth. As they acclimate to their new surroundings, they find themselves on a journey to reclaim the remnants of their past, and adjust to their new life in Inkopolis.

This story takes place alongside the Splatoon 2 Hero Mode campaign.

  1. Gift From The Skies - A human splashes into Marie's life, and she juggles researching it and her mission with Agent 4.
  2. The Attack - Octavio's Octolings strike the Hideout at night, and the human defends himself alone.
  3. Her New World - The human-turned-Inkling and Agent 4 get to know each other. Sheldon has a plan.
  4. Gravity's Calling - Lily goes on her first recovery mission. It doesn't go well.
  5. Begin Again - Agent 4 gets back to work and Lily uses her apartment.
  6. On Being Blue - Marie's in a funk, and Lily heads in to play the role of support.
  7. New You - While Sheldon and Marie leave to assist Agent 4, Lily engages in some light reading.
  8. Hot Chocolate - The New Squidbeak Splatoon meet up for coffee and a debriefing.
  9. Ghosts - The implications of what could have happened at NILS Statue start to hit Off The Hook, and Agents 3 and 8.

Story Notes

This is an adaptation of a self-insert daydream. I'm sorry to tell you that I've not been entirely original. :( I've already written a few chapters to this end, covering the first adventures in the daydream thread.

The other main thing is that I'm actually still playing through Splatoon 2 (as of June 12 2018) so some things may be inconsistent with lore, just out of lack of knowledge. That will hopefully improve the further this goes.

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