It's a blog

I think this is a blog page? It should hopefully list posts underneath here...

Honestly that's all I gotta say.

Site broke again so I'm tearing it all down and recreating things without Docker. I'm using a CMS called Grav to manage my main site now.

Gonna focus on bringing up almost everything that was on the Dokuwiki site...

Last Monday I went to go see Iris: A Space Opera by Justice! What an experience.

Going to see a movie that is the light show of a concert is an odd sell, especially when you’ve been to that concert before. It is how they do it that brought me in. R...

Well this is... an interesting format for a blog.

Welcome back to returning readers (and also, WHY?!), and hello to all my friends who are checking this out for the first time. I've just set up this Dokuwiki to replace the Ghost blog as the main si...

A trend I noticed recently on our server, beginning with Briguy, is the "Achievement Wall". This wall hosts our important accomplishments for the world and other players to see.

I don't believe I have such accomplishments. Or if I do, I still like...

Today I slept in because I was informed by several sources that the class I had today was an afternoon one.

It wasn't.

Good job, TAFE.